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Many people think that interior/ Exterior painting is a pretty straight forward process. There are actually many different steps when it comes to house painting Sacramento. You may want to take these steps into consideration if you are going to be doing any exterior painting, interior painting, or house painting. Having an experienced house painter in the Sacramento area come out and bid the job properly will insure a care free house painting job and an overall professional house painting project.

Exterior House Painting Sacramento

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Exterior House Painting Sacramento

The thing that Exterior painting projects need most is through preparation and practice. RSG 4 Homes painting division will start by preparing the area. Remove as many plants and outdoor patio furniture as possible. If there are items that are connected to the wall you will want to remove those items as well, if not removed the exterior house painting project will not be perfect. Plastic is placed on top of the floors, tape and paper is used to cover those more delicate areas that are harder to cover. Our Exterior House Painting Folsom crew will then start Patching, Caulking, and Sanding, Patching wall dents, nail holes, scratches, and any irregular shape, help to give a better finish to the job.

After the House Painting is finished we then have the finished product.

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Exterior House Painting Sacramento

Exterior House Painting Sacramento

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