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The following is a list of frequently asked questions we see that have been most common over the years. Before hiring any contractor it is imperative that questions such as these be asked and answered to your satisfaction. Don't loose thousands of dollars by hiring a company that is not outfitted to perform the job correctly. Saving money on the front end can be tempting but cost you dearly in the end. Resist the temptation of hiring a company that is not able to fulfill adequate answering to the following questions.

Do you have recommendations from friends, neighbors, and past clients ?
Do you have any complaints against your house painting company ?
Do you have the proper house painting licenses and permits ?
Can we check your chouse painting insurance ?
When can I meet with the your house painting company ?
Should we shop around and get quotes ?
Can we have a list of your references ?
How many years has your house painting company been in the industry?
How long has your house painting company been established?
Are your drawings In-house and designed to City Specifications, ready for permitting and approval?
How many projects have you completed? What size were the projects? Did they Permit the projects?
Who will be in charge of supervising and organizing the job?
How long will it take before you start the job, how long will it take to finish, and what is the work schedule of your crews?
Are you a full service house painting company?
Are the employees of your company certified?
How much of your business is referral and repeat business?
Will permits be required to have our project started?

1. Please view our testimonials page and if that is not enough contact us and ask for references and we will be happy to give you an extensive list of happy clients.

2. If there were any complaints against our company it would go through the BBB ( Better Business Bureau ) and we have an outstanding reputation through them.

3. Its unlawful to construct, reconstruct, alter, repair, remove or demolish a structure; or to change the use or occupancy of a building or structure; or to install or alter any equipment for which provision is made or the installation of which is regulated by this code without first obtaining a building permit. The only exception is an ordinary repair. An ordinary repair does not require a building permit. We always carry the proper permits when necessary

4. We carry the highest limits of Workman’s Compensation and house painting General Liability insurance in the industry.

5. you are more than welcome to fill out our form located on the contact page when you can request a time and we will get back in touch with you as soon as possible to let you know our availability.

6. It is the smart thing to do when looking to get your home painted, our when your looking into painting or any home addition to get quotes from many different house painting contractors. This is your home were talking about. We can tell you that we do have an amazing relationship with local suppliers and have continued to beat out the competition time and time again.

7. We supply you with references of customers as well as partners & suppliers. Additionally, our company's credit rating can be found.

8. The Owner of the company has been painting homes with his father since the early 70's and has been doing ever since.

9. We have been renovating fine homes throughout Sacramento County, El Dorado County, and Placer County since 1992.

10. All of our drawing are in-house and developed from experienced architects who have over 50 years experience of designing houses and room additions, as well as paintings. Everything submitted your Sacramento, El Dorado, or Placer County is ready for approval as soon as submitted.

11. Your local Sacramento painting Contractor has completed easily over 100 Residential painting projects ranging in size up to $1,224,000. The average size is about $100,000. We have permitted each and every project that we have completed.

12. Your job will be supervised and organized by a lead painting contractor who will be on the job everyday. We personally plan and control every aspect of the job's progress and perform the majority of work ourselves. In addition to the lead painting contractor we also give you updates on exactly where the projects are and if everything is going as planed for budget and time. We are there for you and any questions or concerns you may have about the job to get them resolved quickly.

13. Depending on when you would like to get the painting, home addition, or custom home started is up to you and the material delivery schedules. Typically our painting Contracting jobs can begin a week or two after you have selected us as your residential painting contractor. Depending on the job the completion date will be estimated for you before the job begins. You will always be notified of any delay in schedule via email, or phone call. The details of job start date, work schedules, and completion time are determined heavily on the size of the job. We tend to schedule paintings for when the homeowners are not present to minimize the family's home life. If you would like to have a member of the family home at all times that is ok as well.

14. We are a full service house painting general contractor able to cater to all painting projects sizes.

15. All employees whose job function requires certification are certified for their particular trade or craft.

16. Most of our business is referral from previous customers and clients. Customers who find out about us through other means are always given a list of homeowners phone number, email address, and address so they are able to view projects that we have completed, and talk with homeowners about their experience with us. We only supply the information of homeowners who are willing to act as referrals for our company.

17. For all jobs that require them a permit will be obtained. Depending on Sacramento, Sacramento area laws a permit may or may not be required. For jobs that do require a permit we will handle procuring the permits, and making sure that the job is operating within the law.

Looking for a free estimate? We provide free in home estimates on any painting project or try our free online estimator to calculate your home painting cost. 

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